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Behavioral Spaces

Holistic Approach to the mind.

Behavioral spaces are unique in their approach to help the mind and body explore news ways of treatment. BOS strives to help these clients with spaces that are designed to be comfortable yet safe. To provide long lasting spaces that can withstand abuse yet feel comfortable to the touch, so you can focus on healing and not the spaces around you.

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Rehabilitation Spaces

Holistic approach to the body.

Rehab spaces represent a large and growing segment of the industry in which BOS has been actively participating for years. We understand that creating spaces for this segment can vary but it’s important to make sure not only the patients are comfortable but also the staff that takes care of them. Each facility is unique in its approach and we at BOS will work to make sure that all aspects of the rehabilitation process is comfortable and private.

BOS Healthcare Rehab

We have over 100 professionals ready to exceed your space expectations. We own our results through 360º in-house services.

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Our process has been tested and perfected for almost 70 years. No one else has a better track record of delivering successful spaces.

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We are a financially strong, employeed owned company with locations in Illinois, Wisconsin and Florida.

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